How To Create A Journal From An Old Notebook?

Rakshita Pancholi
4 min readOct 20, 2020

Rakshita Pancholi

Want to reuse your old notebook and diaries piled up in your storeroom or wardrobe racks? If yes, you have landed at the right place! Let’s make a journal from them.

So, now I will show you how you can recreate a boring old notebook into a beautiful and productive journal.

They are like personal diaries where you can jot down all your life events, your daily routine, and your goals.

Also, Journals are your own personal hub! You can pour out all the feelings and frustrations, and write about your fairytale dreams here.

They can be of various types. Like personal journals, travel journals, dream journals, goal journals, Bible journals, gratitude journals, etc.

So, now here we are going to reuse our filthy notebook (used or unused ) and recreate it into a working goal and motivational journal.

Let’s start!

Step by Step tutorial to make a productive journal

Step 1: Cover page design

Here I had a small children’s drawing book, left unused for a long time. So, I finally decided to do some creative work with it and thought to make a two-month blog planning journal with it.

Steps to make a cover page

To hide the front print cover of the book I covered it with a white page and then covered its edges with a pink ribbon.

And then I decided to doodle this type of design, whose idea I got from a pin on Pinterest. You should also aim at making a good front cover.

The cool part of doodling is that it is simple, and you can do it anytime you want for instance I doodled the major part of it while watching a daily soap.

Now, let’s walk through the steps for making such kind of front cover.

Here is the rough sketch of a girl doing ballet dance.

I have used a girl ballet dance pose but you can use any objects or simple sketches or maybe photographs that you want.

  • At first outline your sketch with a black marker or sketch pen.
  • Secondly with the help of a compass make small incomplete circles intersecting with each other without leaving a single space.
  • Outline the circles with a black marker and then draw some undetailed designs of leaves, triangles, flowers, and circles or any other shape that you want.
  • Finally, complete the detailing with the help of a thin marker or a black gel pen. Remember to leave the main object intact.

This is how it looks after completion:

In the end, if you want you can also color the background with the help of pencil colors

Step 2: Page second: The Girl Boss Motivational Page

As this is my goal journal, some motivation is important so I used the pieces of color papers to write Girly Quotes. Like this one:

Sweet as sugar, cold as ice hurt me once I will break you twice

Don’t know who wrote this but it is highly motivating

Don’t you think this is a great way to motivate yourself every morning you wake up?

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