Simply putting forward time management is the skill to wisely use each moment of your day. For employees, time is managed by days or hours while for athletes it ranges from less to seconds. It can be years for scientists or the whole life of a mother.

How you are currently moving in your life is determined by what routine you have! And how smartly you manage your time.

We can consume time in various activities like daily chores, work, emotions, on screens, or with people

So if you want to double or maybe triple your productivity then you must…

Rakshita Pancholi

Goal setting and achieving them

Easier said than done, but before setting a goal you have to go through some important aspects of it.

So what are goals?

The stupid question isn’t it! Well, we all know what goals are!

They are the targets or objectives important to “us” or the destination we want to reach. Like you want to be a doctor, engineer(pretty common), or a writer or fashion designer, etc.

For some it might be I want to be happy (because currently, they are not) or I want to stop time and never let the moment go!

But the latter…

Rakshita Pancholi

Want to reuse your old notebook and diaries piled up in your storeroom or wardrobe racks? If yes, you have landed at the right place! Let’s make a journal from them.

So, now I will show you how you can recreate a boring old notebook into a beautiful and productive journal.

They are like personal diaries where you can jot down all your life events, your daily routine, and your goals.

Also, Journals are your own personal hub! You can pour out all the feelings and frustrations, and write about your fairytale dreams here.

They can be of…

Rakshita Pancholi

Scrolling through the internet to find one of the best productivity tips to bring a difference in your life? If you are the one, you have landed in right place!

And believe me, you don’t have to go anywhere else to read more productivity tips. This article is thorough and complete in itself.

We are always surprised by those people in our surroundings, who are less serious compared to us. The worry-free individuals but the ones who achieve more than us!

Are they better than us? No!

They are the ones who do simple things differently. …

Rakshita Pancholi

I am a productivity, planning and motivational blogger at Tuned with Trends. I am also a Graphic designer and free lance writer.

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