25 Great Productivity tips to boost your work life

Rakshita Pancholi
7 min readOct 20, 2020

Rakshita Pancholi

Scrolling through the internet to find one of the best productivity tips to bring a difference in your life? If you are the one, you have landed in right place!

And believe me, you don’t have to go anywhere else to read more productivity tips. This article is thorough and complete in itself.

We are always surprised by those people in our surroundings, who are less serious compared to us. The worry-free individuals but the ones who achieve more than us!

Are they better than us? No!

They are the ones who do simple things differently. They are more productive than us.

So let’s talk about productivity- a habit that is formed by constant applications of some actions and ignorance of others.

In his book, the 4-hour workweek Timothy Ferris clarifies the common myths of the people.

He says — if you think that by keeping yourself busy all day and then expecting success out of it you are wrong!

Busyness is not the guarantee of productivity.

Once you have learned the trick of staying productive you are more likely to spend time doing things you always wanted to. Living life in your way, that you always wanted to live.

So, let’s dive into the list of 25 productivity tips. The last 5 productivity tips are specially for working from home individuals like me.

Let’s see

1. Write your tasks down

When you write down your tasks, your mind creates a picture of yourself doing them. And we know a simple fact!

That the human mind remembers things more through pictures and imaginations. So the tasks that are visioned by your brain are more likely to be completed than others.

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Also, studies have shown that you are more likely to achieve the tasks that are written and specific.

So end your night by jotting down all the tasks that you want to complete the next day.

This is one of the most important productivity tips among all and therefore listed at the top.

2. Creating an effective to-do list

So now as you have written all your tasks, you should organize them into an effective To-Do List (TDLs). Many of us create a lot of TDLs but mostly we do not complete them. And as a result, we get discouraged!

And then tend to avoid making lists because we feel guilty and less efficient.

But this is not true! We have more potential than we think.

The real truth is — we make wrong types of lists.

So how does a good To-Do List look like? Let’s see the steps to make an efficient TDL:

1. Choose the right medium

It could be your journal, a small paper, a diary, or an app. Personally, I like creative apps to make my list. One of them is lke available on the play store.

The best part of this app is that it has color boxes that organize your daily tasks based on urgency. I can add a voice note, a written note, set reminders, and due dates as well as pictures. Whenever the task is completed it crosses them out in a way that makes me happy.

Image by Ylanite www.pexels.com/@nietjuh from Pixabay

You can even write your tasks in colorful journals or sticky notes. Or pin them up on your pin-board. Whatever way your mind feels happy do that.

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2. Make more than one list

Try to make different lists in different areas of your life. Like separate office/school/college lists, home lists, holiday lists or event lists, etc.

One of the features of lke is that it allows me to do the same. In this way, I stay focused. So I create different lists like- content lists, marketing, and promotion list, SEO list, personal list, etc.

It just takes 10–15 minutes of my time to list all the things that I want in my routine.

3. Do not list more than 5–6 items on your list.

Do not make your overall list too long, like completing 15 tasks in one day. This would not just increase the pressure on your head but demotivate you to do even simple tasks as well.

Don’t act like a maniac, thinking to complete 15 tasks a day. You can possibly do that but it would kill your productivity in long run.

But if you have a lot of work to do instead of making your list longer and longer, expecting way too much from yourself, Stop!

And locate those tasks for different days of the week. For instance: I have one day assign for research and writing, the next day for promotion and SEO.

4. List the most boring tasks first

Among all productivity tips, one that can save a lot of your work time is- listing the boring tasks at first.

We all have those tasks that are important yet we hate them like hell!

List that task at the top of your list and after completing it get that elephant out of your way-early.

And you feel such an enormous relief and pleasure that motivates you to work more dedicatedly towards each of your tasks.

Image by Jerry Kimbrell from Pixabay

Then guess what! you are left with the task which you are fond of!

For instance: I first list my SEO tasks than the promotional task because I hate SEO work (way too boring). And I love creating graphics from Canva for social media so I list it afterward.

5. Outsourcing or assigning dreadful tasks to others

So if you have money to invest, or you are working with a team you can assign the tasks which you hate or are not good at to those people who are willing to do them.

Image by Maura Barbulescu from Pixabay

This way you can easily get your work done. For instance: Hiring a freelancer for my SEO work.

3. Eliminate distractions

Eliminate all your distractions while working.

Install apps that mute your E-Mail notification. Stop checking Social Media again and again. Also, mute all their notifications when you are at work.

Image by Erik Lucatero from Pixabay

Mute all the unnecessary notification from other apps as well.

My best advice if you are working from home keep is your phone away while working. Make sure you can hear all-important calls and messages but not the other clutter.

For instance: When I am writing a blog post I put my phone on focus mode ( a special feature which disables certain apps from working) and all distracting apps like WhatsApp, Pinterest, youtube is shut down.

Instead of criticizing yourself to get distracted and repeating that mistake, again and again, eliminate them.

4. Group your Small important task and complete them in one shot

  • Replying to E-mails
  • Calling to an important client
  • Checking social media feed
  • Answering important phone calls

Complete all these tasks at once so that you stop getting distracted from time to time. And make sure that they are time-bound!

Like there is no need to scroll your social media feeds for hours!

5. Take breaks

Take a break! It is shown that our mind is fully concentrated only for 30–45 minutes at a task.

You should take a small break of 5–10 minutes, stretch your body, relax, listen to some music, paint or meditate. Do things that thrill you and make you calm.

You will realize that time to time breaks would really boost your productivity.

Continue reading the other 20 productivity tips from here.

5 of them are especially for working from home individuals.

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