10 Time Management Skills you need to learn now

Simply putting forward time management is the skill to wisely use each moment of your day. For employees, time is managed by days or hours while for athletes it ranges from less to seconds. It can be years for scientists or the whole life of a mother.

How you are currently moving in your life is determined by what routine you have! And how smartly you manage your time.

We can consume time in various activities like daily chores, work, emotions, on screens, or with people

So if you want to double or maybe triple your productivity then you must know the art of time management. By doing that you will be able to achieve more than you ever did before.
Now here I am going to tell you 10 ways to manage your time.

Also, I will share with you some signs indicating that you are not managing your time properly.

10 quotes on time management. A journal to manage your time efficiently, and at the end, you can download the infographic based on the top time management skills

Why you are not using your time properly?

1. Underestimating the time

So, What is the solution to it?

Stop procrastinating any task that comes in your way! Try to complete it as soon as you can. Don’t wait for the weeks near your deadline to start working on a project.

Now here consistency comes into play- dedicate only a few hours a day to that task. There is no need to complete that task in that single day. But taking small steps is important.

Now as the days roll by we have to just start increasing the working hours. And we have to try completing the task at least three days before the deadline. So that we can revise it in the time period of those three days.

Overestimating the work

When you are in such a situation, planning becomes essential. And after planning it is required you to take immediate steps. So if you have a long list of tasks waiting for you, start taking action immediately after reading this.

Remember every big task seem difficult until it's done. So start with what you have, and where you are.

Poor planning

For instance, it happened to me a lot: I planned to write 10 super descriptive blog posts in 10 days but what I ended up doing? Only two blog posts a week! Steadily and lately I have realized that things do not work that way!

It is easy to set big goals but we should remember that goals are achieved by habits and routines. If I would have set a target to write 2000 words each day I might have completed that task. But then I started to go with basic, I write 500- 1000 words, as a result, I am able to be more productive than before. And I know one day I will reach the challenge which I have set for myself.

Now in the coming section all, you will learn how to plan your day, week or month.

Not setting priorities or not able to set priorities

This is the magic of planning. You spent a little time to plan things out and as a result, you end up saving a lot of time per day.

Wasting time on useless tasks or keeping yourself busy

Contrary to many people who were less serious- enjoying their life! But they were more productive than me. Why? Because busyness is not equal to productivity.

So if you really want to boost your productivity stop wasting time on small useless tasks. The tasks that have a negligible role in your success.


Not every time it is bad, sometimes it has a lot of advantages. But mostly it is the reason for most of our failures.

Notice that some people don’t have enough talent but still their stories are remembered in history. While some people let go of their talent and potential. So I ask you a single question- if not now then when?

Is your tomorrow ever going to come in future? Or it would just be converted into another tomorrow?

Now let us discover the 10 tips of time management, that would make you to achieve a lot more!

1. Jot everything down on the paper

The second thing you have to do is to note down the time spend on each of the tasks. Do this period activity for one week and then examine it.

After examining it, now is the time to eliminate and reduce.

2. Eliminate and reduce

If you take thirty minutes on bathing itself cut it down to 15 minutes. Reduce all the unnecessary time that you consume.

Note that reduce or eliminate the things that are not in sync with your true goals.
Here is my guide on how one can set true goals for life?

When you reduce or eliminate the time that is for a goal that you don’t want to achieve, it would make you miserable. So start to discover your true inner goals.

So now by this process, you will notice that you can save a lot of time per day.

And then you can dedicate this time towards your work.

3. Use a boring time for your work

You won’t know but this technique is very useful to achieve major goals in your life.

4. Don’t hesitate to spend time on your own body

They think the time spent doing anything else apart from their work is a waste. But this is not correct. Because not all the paths to reach our true goals are direct. There are some indirect paths that lead to great results!

One of the important among them is exercise or any physical activity that gives you joy.

Sometimes in life, we think we have lost our true path of joy. It feels like we have no time to pursue our passions.

But you can still pursue your passion. If you can’t pursue it directly try to pursue it indirectly. Like starting a YouTube channel. Or creating a course. Or anything else.

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